Monday, August 4, 2008

Where have I been???

It has been a whirl-wind month (July). I am on vacation as a teacher but it has been sooooooooooooooo busy. I was gone for two and half weeks and since I got back I have not stopped.

*Roo (DD) had swim lessons for two weeks straight at the Y (she did so amazing and learned so quickly---I am so proud of her.)

*I have worked out an average of 3-4 times a week (mostly in the mornings and have taken some classes, which I love).

*Painted the downstairs bathroom, painted the master bath, re-painted the bathroom cabinets and replaced hardware

*Called and seen about 5-6 different lawn and deck people for quotes on building a new deck and getting some landscaping done for the front yard.

*Planned a Pampered Chef party for this Thursday

* Took Roo to the dentist--she screamed like a banshee! But then calmed down for the last half. Her teeth are great!

*Organized a garage sale for this Saturday

*Went out with friends a few times to eat and movies


*Went on a few dates with my hubby

*Had oral surgery -OUCH

*Pushed, carried, shoved, lugged a dresser from my van, into the house and up the stairs BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! I hurt when I was done.

*Pushed, carried, shoved, lugged a queen size mattress and box spring onto the top of my van, tied it down to take to the dump BY MYSELF! I hurt when I was done!

*Pruned and elevated the trees in the front yard---I used a pole saw and more than hurting my arms, it hurt my neck to look up that long. Again, by myself. And yes, I hurt!

*I have taken my daughter to the fountains, the pool, play dates, parks, movies, walks etc....all in an effort to keep her active and busy and happy. I feel like a single mom this summer b/c hubby has been working so much. He has worked 2 weekends this month and when he is off, he wants to veg.

*Oh, and I lost 5 pounds! I am down to 204!!! Almost to ONE-DERLAND

*Hubby and I are trying for another baby. I have been waiting b/c I wanted to lose weight first. But I keep toying with the same pounds over and over again. So, before I am ancient and dry up and can't have kids (I know, I am being dramatic) and before Roo is too much older, I thought we should go ahead and do it. After all, a lot of people wait until they have money, but MANY people have children with little or no money. That being said, I only stopped taking the pill about 2 weeks ago, so obviously no news yet---lol

My dad is back in the hospital tonight with a bowel obstruction and exploratory surgery. He was doing really well since my last post. Please keep him and me in your prayers.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Home again, home again, Jiggity jog

FINALLY home. Got home the 5th. We were gone two and half weeks. Dad is still in the hospital but it is b/c of his hernia. Poor guy can't catch a break.

I only gained 1.8 pounds! I was amazed! I surely thought I was gaining more. I was prepared for more. Guess I made better choices than I thought. Worked out today for the first time in 2.5 weeks! Man those muscles go away quick! WHEW

Will write more later. Still recovering, unpacking, and generally getting back in the groove.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

But we don't know where our home is......

I have been out of town visiting my sick father in Texas. I left the 18th of June and have been here sicne. Yes, I am still in Texas. Dad was taken to the hospital again this morning b/c his blood sugar kept dropping. Pleas PRAY!

We have been gone so long Riley said, "But we don't know where our home is." I had asked her if she was missing daddy and ready to go home. Poor baby.

As for weight loss..............I have no idea. I am sure I am up some but have not been going crazy--just not watching it at all nor working out.

I will check back with all of you as soon as I can. I leave here Saturday.

Take care

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

A few random thoughts:

* Hubby is heading out tomorrow for NY. He is going there for business training for his new job. He will be there a week. I will be a "single mom." Never done that before although I do 99% of her care so there won't be much change.

*He gets back on Friday, I fly out on Wednesday of the following week for Texas. I am off to see my sick Daddy. He is set to be discharged (if all goes well) on the 16th and I arrive on the 18th. My daughter is 3.5 and he hasn't seen her since she was 3 months old. So, big homecoming and so nice to see family.

* Daughter was in her FIRST ever tumbling recital today! They danced and tumbled to Disco Duck and wore bright yellow and orange leotards with orange feather tutus and barrettes! She was DARLING and did such a GREAT job. She's three, so she messed up some but I am so stinking proud of her that she did it front of the huge audience that she had never seen before and on a stage she had never been on before! I will admit it, I cried like a baby b/c MY baby is growing up! A proud Mama Moment!

*ONE AND A HALF MORE DAYS WITH STUDENTS!!!!! We go all day Monday and half day on Tuesday. I am hoping the majority of them will be absent. I have to work Wednesday then I am done working but then have a training on Friday. I signed up for that Friday b/c I thought I might as well get it done before I left for Texas as well as take it while I was still somewhat in school mode.

*Weight holding steady at 209. SIGH I hit a plateau. Oh well, I have stumbled through one before and I shall again.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The END draws neigh........................

Oh glorious end of school...............How I long to touch be with hold you in my arms and never let you go........... Oh, end of school, can you not hurry more quickly to my side? Run to me my love. Run! I await thee with arms open wide, ready to claim thee as my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can tell three things about me from this post.
1.) I read WAY too many romances in my life!!!!!!!!
2.) I tend to be a bit dramatic.
3.) I AM SOO SOOO SOOOOO ready for school to be over!!!!!!

The kids are so itchy and wiggly and talkative and irritable and irritating and DONE! They are just done with school and so am I!

For their HORRENDOUS behavior on the field trip last Thursday, our principal has canceled their field day! I support this decision completely but it gives us teachers one more day of in-class mayhem.

Over 300 of us went to SciWorks (In Winston-Salem here in NC---it is AWESOME). My apologies to the staff. First a group went to the planetarium to hear/see a presentation on the stars and constellations. The lovely students from our school made LOUD bodily noises (burping, farting gagging) as the man talked! They snickered and talked and yelled out. One girl even turned on her cell phone light! Since we were in the dark, teachers were having a hard time locating the sources.........the students took advantage of that. There were three sessions in the planetarium and the teachers said they were very similar in each session.

Next we had another presentation. This one was science experiments. They talked through this one as well.

Then there were students throwing rocks against the wall outside, tormenting the talking macaw (so much so that the staff removed him from the exhibit.) Two students were trying to teach the macaw to say, "I am gay!"

But the icing on the nasty behavior cake was the fact that two boys went into the bathrooms and plugged all FOUR toilets and caused them to flood the bathroom! Our school will be sent the bill!

Now from my descriptions, you'd think these were the worst kids in the world---from rough circumstances and poor upbringing. Guess again. Many of the kids live on the lake with the boats, skiing, wake-boarding life to prove it. They live in HUGE houses, and live a privileged life. Many of these kids have more electronic "toys" than most of the teachers. They are the ones with the extra monetary advantage in life. But on the field trip, they were just bratty students. That's all we could see. UGH

So, now do you see why I am ready for summer????

Oh, oh, oh almost forgot.........I am down three more pounds! WOO HOO! Working out is going GREAT! I am going to Texas June 18th and I very worried about eating right and getting in my exercise.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My so called (crazy) life..............

Hubby got a new job. I am very proud of him and glad for him! He was stressed at his other job and hated his manager. So, this is a positive change. With commissions (he's in sales) he should make more money than he did at his old job, he will have to drive less (saves car and gas) and he will have a schedule that give him more time to work out. All positive things.


I am feeling soooooooooooooooo completely selfish right now that I can't even stand myself! But I can't help how I feel. There are also some history here that contributes to how I feel so please don't think I am all evil.

See, I am a teacher so I get about 6-7 weeks off for summer. When B and I got engaged/married, I told him I wanted to stay home and raise the kids. He was supportive of this and really wanted to have a job that would provide that life for me. However, life happens, and staying home when R was born never really became feasible. Some how HE got to stay home with her for the first 6 months while I worked during the day and he worked second shift!!!!!! NO FAIR! So, every summer, I look forward to having her home with me, to taking her on "field trips", to museums, theaters, movies, parks, petting zoos, swimming etc....etc..... I LOVE being a mom and summer time is MY devoted, special time with her!

Enter harsh feelings.

Last summer, B decided to change jobs. He did it RIGHT before summer and b/c of that we had a LEAN summer while he built up his clients and such. No commissions through summer. I was not very happy with him then either. I asked him to wait until after summer and he chose not to. We ended up having to take out a small personal loan to keep up with bills. So, not only did he screw up my summer, he did some financial damage to us as well. But I am a supportive wife......

So, now here we are...............summer number 2 where the dork changes jobs RIGHT before summer and ruins all my lovely plans! He doesn't get another commission check until August 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad at him while being happy for him and proud of him at the same time!!!!!!! How can I function with those conflicting emotions?!?!? Why isn't my head exploding?

I know, I know, there are parks and such that are free and I can still do "play dates" with friends. I know all that and I will be fine it---- just sucks. Am I being stupid or what???

Anyway, please don't think I am a jerk, I am just pouting.

On an unrelated note: we went on a field trip today and the kids were AWFUL! I came home with a huge headache and a desire to eat my way through a whole chocolate cake. Luckily, the headache went away after an iced coffee (no sugar) and there was no chocolate cake to eat through. I even worked out while in full headache mode. I now have three work outs under my belt this week and I will work out on Friday and Saturday if I can. (at least one of them). Positve, positive.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Biggest Loser

I've joined Thinking Thin Biggest Loser Contest. Check it out---there is still time if you want to join. She is giving away some prizes and she is determining the winner by percentage, not weight!

Worked out on Memorial Day--so glad I did. Today we had a staff meeting after school and I couldn't work out. Thursday we have a field trip and another meeting after school. So I will be able to work out M,W,F,Sat. That's not too shabby. Last week I was able to get in 5 work outs. Felt good.